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17 years ago

Is there a 'Convert to Virtual Disk' feature in NetBackup?

Where I work at we are considering the purchase of NetBackup, and there is one question that I can't seem to find.  Is there a way to 'Convert to Virtual Disk' from a recovery point they way you would if you were using 'Backup Exec System Recovery'?  If so does it require an additional agents in order to achieve this? Is there some sort of product Matrix that shows what features are in Backup Exec / System Recovery / NetBackup, so that we can compare each of the products and find out which one best meets our needs?

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  • Not really that just gives me the Hardware Compatibility List, nothing there about the ability to convert a snapshot to a virtual disk.
  • Hi
    NetBackup doesn't have a online image technology, but it delvers another technology for system recovery. Search about BMR => Bare Metal Restore. You can restore systems over a network boot or a bootable cd from tape or disk. It's a free feature of netbackup 6.5 and working very well.
    But you can only restore those data which you successfully backup up'd before.
    Regards Chris...
  • Thank you for this info. You said it was free, but it is listed as an add-on agent, are you sure it is free? I hope they add the features from Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery Server into NetBackup, that's what I was hoping for.
  • Within the "NetBackup 6.5 Release Information" document it states:

    "... Bare Metal Restore (BMR) is now included in the Standard Client & is no longer available for separate purchase ..."

    & regarding PureDisk Client, Bare Metal Restore and the Client Encryption option:

    "... these features are still separately installed but enabled with a single Standard Client license key ..."

    Hope that helps!!