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6 years ago

Is there a way to tell Netbackup to ignore any empty drives

Hi - Is there a way to tell Netbackup to ignore any empty drives or directory during backup?

We do not want to add these drives to exclude list as they will be use in future. However, they are currently empty & netbackup is reporting "(90) media manager received no data for backup image" during backup which is causing tickets to be generated.

Please advise.

Thank you

  • I had something similar where sometimes files would mount and sometimes not - I ended up putting a small text file named - DRIVE\

    Then I check the backup - 32K is not mounted, 2TB is mounted. LOL

    You are kind of bypassing the error checking NB uses, in my case, I did not want to alert on error 71 file not found.


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  • Dollypee

    Can you give us an example of Backup Selection in a policy where you have this issue?
    Is this drive letter a regular NTFS filesystem? Not under DFS replication control?
    Can you confirm that nobody has added this drive letter to Exclude List for this client? 

    My experience has been that the path for drive letter will be backed up - something like 32KB backup size.

    For troubleshooting, please ensure that bpbkar log folder exists on the client. Level 1 logging should be sufficient at this stage. 

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      =>backup selection are ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES. These drives are SQL database shared/cluster resource between multiple physical nodes. I checked the active node, and found the drives are successfully backing up. These errors are occurring for full backup but exiting with status 1 for differential backup on the passive nodes. Activity monitors details shows " device are not ready"

      Could that be the reason it's exiting with status 90?

      WRN - can't open directory: E: (WIN32 21: The device is not ready. )


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        Level 6

        I doubt that this is causing status 90 - that is a warning, not an error.

        We really need more info - as a start NBU version and OS on the cluster node. You have selected NBU 7.7 and Windows 8. You will agree that MS Cluster is for some server version, right?

        If the drive letters are not at all present on the inactive node, then they should not be enumerated for ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES.
        The only time where we have see issues with inactive cluster nodes, was with Shadow Copy Component backups in older NBU versions - details here :

        Oh - I also found the following for older NBU versions:
        The Solution in above (old) Symantec should still be valid. 

        Create one policy, with below configuration
        Client tab: Physical name of the cluster node(s)
        Backup Selection list: (non shared disks)
        Shadow Copy Components:\

        You need a separate policy to backup SQL data using the cluster virtual hostname. 
        Preferably MS-SQL policy type.