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15 years ago

Is Vmware converter required to do VCB with Netbackup 6.5.4 ?

In the  Veritas NetBackup for VMware Administrator's Guide Release 6.5.4 they mention VMware converter server more than once. But It seems like this is optional.

Can anyone shed some light on what you would need it for or if it is required?



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    Converter can be used used for the 1-click restore option for a fullvm

    Converter server
    The VMware Converter server assists in full virtual machine restores to the ESX server. The Converter must be installed on the same host as the VMware backup
    proxy server.

    And the 3.02 Update 1 is the supported version (unless vsphere)

    See my recent post for more on this

    PS The Guide states that VirtualCenter server is optional
  • Thanks for the reply but the Vitrual Machine Backup Guide from VMware make no mention of converter being a required component.

    Are you saying that you absoultely need converter installed? Or is it only needed if you want the 1 click restore option of a full VM?

    We're really trying to get file level backups running using VCB.
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    Reading the admin guide..... if only individual file level restores, converter is not mentioned, so yes you could assume you do not need it.

    Just restore the files to the proxy server staging area and copy to guest os from there.