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9 years ago

Lecteurs Netbackup down


Depuis quelques mois j'ai 2 lecteurs down sur les 3, et lorsque je fais un "UP drive", ils passent bien en UP mais retombent plus tard en down...

Du coup nous n'avons plus aucune SLP qui passe...


Merci d'avance pour votre aide



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  • Google Translate: Hello, For some months I have 2 drives down the 3, and when I do a " drive UP " , they pass well in UP but fall back later in down ... So we no longer have any SLP passing ... thank you in advance for your help cordially
  • Have you checked Windows Event Viewer logs for device-related errors? Have you created bptm log folder on media server(s)? Add VERBOSE entry to vm.conf on all media servers and restart NBU Device Manager service. This will increase device-related errors to Windows Event logs.