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5 years ago

Lessons learnt from DR migration to new hardware platform

Not so much as a discussion more of a "this is what caught me out" when I migrated from 2008R2 DL380 G8 to 2012R2 G10 on NetBackup 8.1.2. I hope this helps someone in the same position that I was in. So it should be a pretty simple build a vanilla corporate build. Stop all you backups, carry out a full catalogue. Shut old server down ensuring that you have the DR files and know where you backed up the catalogue to. Rename and re-IP new server to old server configuration. Install NetBackup software with same role os old server. Using the DR wizard to recover the server configuration. All pretty simple except for just one thing. The DR process installs a new CA. This now means all your clients and media servers now can no longer communicate with the master and report the the error "vnetd proxy encountered an error". Genius Looking at the sheer weight of the issue made me shudder as we have hundreds of client an the thought of having to visit each and every one would have kept me busy till christmas. The fix was buried deep in a Veritas knowledge base Article: 100043536

The command to restore your old CA prior to carrying out any restore from the DR wizard is as follows

excerp from article:

nbhostidentity -import -infile M:\NB_DR_FILE\NBCAT_nbmaster1_1531458511_FULL.drpkg

Now you can run your DR wizard and presto you now have all your clients happily communicating with the new master server once you DR restore completes. I think that the propellor heads at Veritas need to add a checkbox to the DR wizard to ask if you want to restore your old CA. Might ulimately be mute since 8.2 you can use your own internal CA. Or did I just imagine it. :)

Full articles URL:

Happy DR'ing

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  • I understand that is a gotcha, but to be fair, when you install NetBackup 8.1.2 (at least on Windows), at the screen where you add the license key one of the options available is to install the “Disaster Recovery Master Server”.

    If you had selected this, it would have requested the DR Package and recovered the CA as part of the installation.
    You would still need to perform the catalog recovery after installation.