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  • Hi Venki,

    Just want to clarify some things;

    1) Please tell us whether your library is a TLD library or a ACS library.

    If it is TLD library, then check whether the 'tldd' and 'tldcd' services are running in the media server

    If it is an ACSLS library, then check if the services 'acsd' and 'acssel' services are running in the media server.

    2) If every thing is fine, try to power cycle the netbackup services in the media server.

    3) Also check in the library if there is any issue with the robot, because even due to a robot failure we might get drives going to AVR mode. If any robot failure has occured, then you should contact the concerned vendor to get it checked.

  • Duplicate post:

     All drives showing AVR

    Please carry on with discussion in above link and provide answers to all questions that have been asked.

    We can only help you if you tell us as much as possible about your environment.

    Please help us to help you!