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9 years ago

Lotus Notes Cumulative Incr is running as Full backup


Cumulative Incr backup for Lotus notes is taking size like full backup. I have searched and found the article

based on the article i have enabled the archive style logging on client, even the backup size is like full backup. 

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  • Hello,

    archive logging style itself won't decrease incremental backup size, because mail files still change their modification time frequently.

    The principle is that archive logs backups can be considered as another way to backup changes in data (usually less space demanding), and it also enables to perform point-in-time recovery if required.

    Create another Lotus-Notes policy for the same client, with BACKUP_TRANSACTION_LOGS directive in Backup Selection. With schedule, you can here substitute previous schedule for some/all incremental backups. This new configuration can change your RTO, so test it also for restore time.



  • Can you confirm that Full and Incr schedules are in the same policy?
  • Compaction of database activity was scheduled to run daily in Lotus Notes end, this will change the time stamp of the mail file every time it run. Post to the changes in LN end issue resolved from my side


  • Whenever compaction run in Lotus application the DBIID of the database will get changed since the Cumulative or differential incremental backup will run as full backup.

  • Full and Incr must be in the same policy.

    Incr will only check for last full in same policy.If schedules are in different policies, there is nothing to reference when the Incr is due.

    See :

    Incremental backups act as full backups if the backup policy doesn't contain a full backup schedule.

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