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8 years ago

Master configuration lost

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Hello Marianne ,
For Same Master and Media Server::::----
When I was taking the Health Check of Master Server , Suddenly EMM server down and I'm not able to take Master Server Console.
Finally we came to know , In Registry editor , the Client_Name and Browser name has been changed to instead of

So we got the resolution and Changed it Properly now by seeing your blog posting.
Recently We have Installed OPSCENTER , After Installing the Opscenter We are getting these kind of issues.?
or Any bug?

Can u Suggest on this?

Dinesh Kumar

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  • Did you install OpsCenter Server on the NetBackup Master Server?  I don't think that is supported.  Even if you did, it should not have overwritten the NetBackup application specific registry values.  Based on what you have said, it would seem to me that someone may have made a mistake and restored the system state of a client over the top of the master server - or maybe someone accidentally ran a site specific client installer script on the master.  Your symptoms were/are most unusual.  I would search for a restore log on the master server, and/or search for an install log... as this/these might show what hapenned to cause the NetBackup Master Server application to become corrupted.

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      I have seen in the past that a user changed the NBU Configured Client name in the GUI Host Properties thinking that it was necessary for a restore.

      You may want to ask your colleagues about this.... 

      As sdo said - OpsCenter should be installed on a separate server.