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13 years ago

MaxDB backup failed on PureDisk

Hi, my master server is NBU 7.1 on Windows 2008 R2. I have a UNIX media server (AIX 6.1, NBU 7.1). The media server is a SAP server and the backend DB is MaxDB. We configured NBU for SAP agent to back up this media server to the NBU appliance (PureDisk deduplication). The backup of MaxDB succeeded but it actually does not back up any data. We tried to back up to local disk and it completed successfully. We suspect it may be related to the PureDisk deduplication. Are there known issues for MaxDB backups on NBU PureDisk deduplication? Thanks in advance.

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  • According to this tech note:

    "All devices supported by Media Manager are available to NetBackup for SAP"

    So unless it is a buffer size causing an issue somewhere (or do they call them pipes?) that is conflicting it should be OK - I would turn off client side de-dupe though if you have that enabled as i am unsure how that will interact with how the agent works (Master Server Host Properties - Client Attributes or Policy Attributes tab)

    If that does not help then set up some logging and / or raise a support case.

  • Please tell us about 'back up to local disk' that was successful. 

    Was this local disk a NetBackup Basic Disk Storage Unit?
    Did you use the same policy, just different STU?

  • Hi Marianne, we use MaxDB's backup tool to test backup to a local directory of the server. It works. We did not use NBU policy and STU.

  • Backing up without NBU does not really proof anything...

    Please try and config a BasicDisk storage unit (even if it is on an NFS mount with necessary write permission) and select that in the policy.

    If that also backs up nothing, the next step will be to check all NBU config, such as policy and all of the config done on the client (utl file, bsi.env file, backup script, etc).