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15 years ago

Media Server Configuration

I have 1 master server and 3 media servers in my environment.

The following servers are at BuildingA
  • Master1
  • Media1
  • Media2
This server is at BuildingB
  • Media3

Media3 is directly attached to a robotic tape library. I only want Media3 to be used for our vaulting to tape. I want all normal backup jobs to go through Master1, Media1, and Media2. How can I configure that setup.

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  • Create a storage unit "group" named "buildinga" containing only the storage units for master1, media1, and media2.
    Create another storage unit "group" named "buildingb" containing only the storage unit for media3.

    In the storage unit of your policy and/or schduels use storage unit group "buildinga" for your backups.
    In Vault specify storage unit group "buildingb" as the target for your copies.