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12 years ago

Media shows images but Catalog Verify search finds no images

When I look at the media (tape) in the Media and Device Management I see that the media ID lists 26 Images on the tape...when I run the Verify/Search for the Media ID in the Catalog, it comes up saying it doesn't find any images.

Tape Contents Report shows images on the tape....

I would like to clean the images off the tape/media and be able to reuse the tape in the Scratch Volume Pool...

I can't Expire the images on the Media if the Catalog search doesn't find any images...




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  • hi,

    if you are sure about expiring the images you can use the below command to expire all the images in the media

     bpexpdate: -m <media id>  -d 0 


    comming to now showing the contents... are you sure you have selected the correct date range?

    bpimmedia -mediaid media_ID -L will give the list of images.. you can find the image id from the output and check the time stamp that you are using in the catalog is in range or not.