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4 years ago

Migration amongst different backup products

All these days I'm aware of the fact that there is no way to migrate backups from one backup tool to other . For example EMC Networker to Veritas NetBackup or Veritas NetBackup to Veeam etc. However I have been asked to explore few options to migrate /merge our sites that are using different backup products without losing previous backups. The old systems have to be decommissioned anyways in the end. Few sites use disk appliances (of different vendors)as backup destinations, few use tapes.

What is the best approach to consolidate all these sites and migrate all backups to Veritas Netbackup?

Also in future, if I will be asked to migrate from Veritas NetBackup to some other backup vendor, do we have any options?


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      Hi Marianne,

      As always , thanks for your prompt response. It seems Tranzman backup migration tool is still not fully developed or support all of the backup products. We have sites with EMC Networker, HP data protector, Microsoft DPM, TSM , veeam.

      Also who should we approach if we plan to migrate to or from these products. Let's say if we want to come out of Netabackup and migrate to one of the above products, does Tranzman tool support it ? (I see it is still in roadmap)

      Also restoring them to some other place and re-backup using NetBackup may not be possible in our case as we have huge data and of different types like DBs, flat files etc.

      • Hi DPO.

        In do apologise that we have not kept the Tranzman roadmap up-to-date. We find ourselves frequently influenced by customers requirements and given this niche area we operate in paying customers take priority over the desires of the product management....

        That said, Tranzman currently fully supports migrating TSM and Data protector into netbackup.

        It can also consolidate, index and provide recovery without the vendor, supporting TSM, Data protector, Netbackup, Backup Exec and Commvault.

        We are working on a Networker reader so soon should be able to support it too.

        Demand has been low for Microsoft DPM and Veeam, typically data retentions in those are short and this reduces requirement for migration.

        When we migrate to NetBackup we convert data formats to ones netbackup supports, so databases / applications can be recovered directly from netbackup, if netbackup supports them.

        Where there is a difference in the underlying api used by the origin backup product and the destination backup product, or where we are using Tranzman to consolidate and index (recovery without vendor) we convert the backup data to files and provide documented steps on how to use those files with the application/database.