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13 years ago

MM_SERVER_NAME entry in media server

Hi, my master server is NBU 7.1 on Windows 2008 R2. I recently added a UNIX media server (AIX 6.1, NBU 7.1). The media server has two NICs: one for production and the other for backup. For produciton, the server hostname is servername and for backup LAN, the server hostname is servername_bk. I checked and found in vm.conf file, the MM_SERVER_NAME entry is servername_bk. Can I also add servername entry to the vm.conf file? Can I add multiple entries in this vm.conf file? Thanks.

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  • No, there should only be one name in the vm.conf file.

    Why would you want to add x2, you have explained already that the purpoe of the two interfaces are different.




  • Hi, thanks for your reply. The media server is AIX cluster servers. It has a virtual hostname. I want to know whether I should both virtual hostname and physcial name to the vm.conf. Currently there is only one entry which point to the virutal hostname.

  • No, leave it as it is ....  I presume, all is working correctly ?


  • Actually we got some issues. We tried to connect the media server to PureDisk storage server but it failed. The error said requested by invalid server (status 37). I suspect it is related to the hostname.

  • Does the media server work, as a media server - for the moment, forget puredisk.

    If necessary, create a basic disk stu on the new media server and fully test backups and retores.


  • You should NOT be using the virtual hostname.

    NBU media server cannot be clustered.

    Each node must be installed and configured as standalone media server.

    If you want the clustered application to use the virtual hostname for local backups, you can create an 'Application Cluster' in NBU that will enable you to add a storage unit using the virtual name.

    See 'NBU in Highly Available Environments Admin Guide'

    Another option is to group the STUs in an STU Group.

    For multiple NICs, see

  • Opps, my total error, that'll teach me for not paying attention - Marianne is correct, media server cannot be clustered - ot more accurately, NBU cannot be clustered, on a media server.


  • Thanks for your replies. The server works fine as media server with the vritual host name. Only when it tries to connect to the PureDisk storage server, it failed with a RDSM error. I did some troubleshooting and seems it is related to hostname.