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Moving a tape library to a different media server in the same NBU domain


I need to move a tape library to a new media server and have a quick couple of questions on the Veritas tech note on how to do this.

From the above the first step is "Determine which tapes on the old_server contain NetBackup images that have not expired."   Do I only need to do this if either media servers are running NBU 6.0 or earlier? I don't see any value in having this information if I'm going to use "bpmedia -movedb -allvolumes -oldserver old_server -newserver new_server" to move the media logically from the old to new media servers in step 3.

Secondly step 5 says to shutdown both the old and new media servers - Is this purely to allow the tape library to be safely unplugged from the old server and plugged into the new server? I can understand this for SAS connected libraries but is it necessary for FC connected tape library. Ideally I want to avoid the need to shutdown either server.

Finally, at no point does it say to delete the tape devices and robot entity from the NetBackup configuration - is this not necessary at all? I know the same tape library will is being used on the new media server, but it will be seen on a different media server and with a different target path  - unless I delete the old server robot and tape devices target won't this still show up as offline in the NetBackup console.

many thanks

  • About the STU question - if your SLPs are already going to the new media server, and the STU name did not change (i.e. robot number is the same after re-adding on mew media server), then there is nothing to change.

    The robot control host is not part of the standard auto-generated STU name:


    If there is a new robot number after re-adding the robot, then it means that the previous robot was not properly removed from the NBU config (normally when NBU was not restarted on all media servers).

    If there is a new robot number after re-adding, then you need to find ALL references to the old STU names in policies and SLPs and change to new STU name(s). 

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  • CadenL 

    Before we try to answer - can you confirm if you want to completely decommission the current robot control host?
    Not only move the robot to a different media server, but also completely remove the server as media server? 

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      Hi Marianne

      Yes - the media server will eventually be decommissioned as second phase to this piece of work, Currently I just want to move the robot and media to be controlled by one of the other media servers within the environment (same master server)

      many thanks

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        Does the media server losing its tape library perform any other NetBackup function ?  (MSDP?, VMware backup host? DDBoost?)