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  • What version of NBU you are running?

    Are you trying to restore the complete storage group or mailboxes?

    If you have not enabled the GRT option while backing up the exchange you won't see individual mailboxes, it will just show you the storage groups. If you just want to restore those storage groups select them and restore. Make sure you read the manual for Exchange.


  • Running in NBU 7.0 client and NBU master is under Information Store we have 6 groups that were backup, out of 6 groups only 2 groups that have data backup, the rest is not showing the content of the backup meaning empty. GRT is not enable we are doing it in the MS Exchange Level. This is full restoration of Information Store.

  • For the Exchange 2010 DAG client, it is important to remember to use the clustered Exchange 2010 DAG virtual host name, and not the host name of any of the DAG members. If a DAG member name is used instead of the DAG virtual host name, NetBackup will not be able to properly ascertain the DAG environment, including the Exchange databases, the DAG members, and which DAG members one or more specific databases should be backed up from. 

    How you are backing it up, are you using DAG?Is this first time you are experencing this issue? Do you have data on othere storage groups? I mean if they are empty definately there would be nothing in the restore.
    Is there one exchange policy or multiple?
    Please post output of bppllist policy name -U
    Please provide the screen shot of restore