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9 years ago

MSDP - storage server down

Running NB 7.7.1

Master is RedHat

Media servers are 2012 R2

Media servers access tape drives via fc - no issues.

Media servers have luns for MSDP - E: for dedup database and Drive F: for dedup data

Drives are showing online and healthy on all media servers.

Am getting status 2106 on all backups to mdsp storage units - and noticed that the storage server was showing down - but disk pool is up

From master:

 nbdevquery -listdp -U -stype PureDisk -dp msdp-disk-pool-med01
Disk Pool Name   : msdp-disk-pool-med01
Disk Pool Id     : msdp-disk-pool-med01
Disk Type        : PureDisk
Status           : UP
Flag             : Patchwork
Flag             : Visible
Flag             : OpenStorage
Flag             : SingleStorageServer
Flag             : CopyExtents
Flag             : AdminUp
Flag             : InternalUp
Flag             : LifeCycle
Flag             : CapacityMgmt
Flag             : FragmentImages
Flag             : Cpr
Flag             : FT-Transfer
Flag             : OptimizedImage
Raw Size (GB)    : 47184.44
Usable Size (GB) : 47184.44
Num Volumes      : 1
High Watermark   : 98
Low Watermark    : 80
Max IO Streams   : -1
Comment          : msdp disk pool for ctspiqdcemmed01
Storage Server   : (DOWN)

From media server:

c:\Program Files\Veritas\pdde>crcontrol --dsstat 1

************ Data Store statistics ************
Data storage      Raw    Size   Used   Avail  Use%
                  60.0T  57.6T 395.4M  57.6T   0%

Number of containers             : 1
Average container size           : 473 bytes (0.00MB)
Space allocated for containers   : 473 bytes (473.00B)
Reserved space                   : 2639875011584 bytes (2.40TB)
Reserved space percentage        : 4.0%

c:\Program Files\Veritas\pdde>crcontrol --getmode

c:\Program Files\Veritas\pdde>nbdevquery -listconfig -stype PureDisk -storage_se
V7.5 "storagepath" "F:\DedupData" string
V7.5 "spalogpath" "F:\DedupData\log" string
V7.5 "dbpath" "E:\DedupDatabase" string
V7.5 "required_interface" "CTSPIQDCEMMED01" string
V7.5 "spalogretention" "90" int
V7.5 "verboselevel" "3" int
V7.5 "replication_target(s)" "none" string
V7.5 "Storage Pool Raw Size" "48.0TB" string
V7.5 "Storage Pool Reserved Space" "1.9TB" string
V7.5 "Storage Pool Size" "46.1TB" string
V7.5 "Storage Pool Used Space" "277.4MB" string
V7.5 "Storage Pool Available Space" "46.1TB" string
V7.5 "Catalog Logical Size" "139Bytes" string
V7.5 "Catalog files Count" "2" string
V7.5 "Deduplication Ratio" "0.6" string


Have tried restarting all processes on media server - still same thing.

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  • I have moved this post to the NetBackup forum as this is not standalone PureDisk product. Sure about NBU version? Why is nbdevquery showing 7.5?