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4 years ago

NB-Job API github example problem seeing job results

Using against the code listed here:

I updated the version to version 4


$content_type = "application/vnd.netbackup+json;version=1.0"


$content_type = "application/vnd.netbackup+json;version=4.0"


The login works fine, but when i do the job listing, i am not seeing what i would expect.    I dont see any attributes, what i do see is a list of numbers in $responce.content.   But i cant see any other data being returned.    


Has anyone else had experiance with pulling jobs from powershell?



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  • So i think it narrows down to a RBAC problem.   

    I was using an AD user that i use for scripts that was a member of the group added to the default administrator group.  Once i change the user to nbsecadmin which belongs to the same role, but it returns results.   


    Thoughts.   I am also thinking i need to open a case for that problem, as it seems to be something in rbac not working.

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      That definitely sounds like an rbac issue to me.  You're saying that the user (not nbsecadmin) is part of the administrator group within nbu, right?


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        Both users i am testing with are part of the default administorators group.