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15 years ago

NBAC Authorization problem

Can someone advice about following error?

I am trying to do bpnbaz -SetupSecurity <FQ NetBackup Virtual Name> -server <FQ AZ Virtual Name) and after putting all parameters it gives my following error "Unexpected error 47 occurred"

After taking a look in vxazd.log I found the following "VxSS-vxazd ERROR V-18-3018 One of the specified handles is invalid."

Appreciate your help.

BR, MohamedHi All,

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  • We have Windows 2003 R2 x64 cluster-based (Microsoft Cluster Service) NetBackup 6.5.6 Master server.

    We successfully installed NBAT 6.5.6 and NBAZ 6.5.4 in cluster (32-bit AT server, 64-bit AT client, 32-bit AZ server and 64-bit AZ client) and we can successfully move cluster resources to the failover node...

    Executing command "bpnbat -addmachine" results with success but we have problem while  executing command:

    bpnbaz -setupsecurity "FQDN_of_the_cluster_virtual_name"

    (in this command we use same domain "service" account that is actually starting cluster service on both cluster nodes)

    the output says "unexpected error 47 occured".


    I would appreciate any advice.