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8 years ago

nbhba on RHEL7.2 crashes linux (auto reboot)

Hello all!

We are in the middle of a NB8 implementation project and we're facing an odd issue.
Everything is within the compatibility matrix (hba, OS, netbackup, drivers, firmwares).

The hardware is a Dell M630 Blade Server with QME2572 hba and the OS is RHEL 7 update 2.
Everything seems fine with NB8 Media server installation, OST plugins and so on. The server works perfect with LAN transport and backs up everything pretty fast to DR4100 or Tapelibrary.

We bought enterprise client licenses as we need to do some LAN free backups. When it's time to unload the qlogic drivers and modules, everything fine too. Once you run the command "nbhba -l" to list device wwn's the OS just reboot itself with a kernel panic.

As a matter of test, we installed a RHEL 6 update 8 in the same server, executing the same steps, NB media server install, plugins, testing backup, disabling SElinux, firewall, etc. When we run "nbhba -l" it lists the device wwn's and allow us to configure the hba's as per Veritas instruction to enable SAN based backup.

Any thoughts?





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  • Open a support ticket with Veritas. If OS reboot there is something really wrong and Veritas should investigate if problem can be reproduced inhouse

    Please ensure hardware uses the latest available BIOS.



  • I am confused about what exactly you are trying to config here. 
    SAN Media Server or FT Media server to enable SAN Client backups? 

    Enterprise client licenses enable you to config SAN Media server (client becomes media server to backup itself - no network clients).

    FT Media server enables SAN backup of remote clients and needs Enterprise Server license. 

    For FT Media server config, there is a long list of requirements and steps listed in NetBackup SAN Client and Fibre Transport Guide  and the HCL. 

    Can you confirm that you have gone through all of this documentation? 

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      Its the FT Media Server to enable SAN Clients. I'm not the guy who is configuring it. There is a third part Veritas reseller/technical partner guy doing the implementation. He has long experience with Netbackup and said this was new to him.

      Yes, we went through all that documentation. What he's trying to do is on page 31 (unload the qla2300 drivers) and on page 33 (nbhba -l). When he run this command to list the wwn's the OS (RHEL 7.2) just reboots itself. When we do the same steps using RHEL 6.8 everything works.

      UPDATE: That guy received from Veritas tech support an info saying they identified a BUG within nbhba and kernel 3.x from RHEL 7.x.

      We will have a meeting soon to discuss the issue.

      Really boring... :smileyfrustrated:

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        Just to update you all:

        The "solution" is to use 8.0 Master Server with 7.7.3 Media Server until they release 8.0.1.
        I hope we don't face any other bugs with this mix of versions.