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6 years ago

nbreplicate not working Windows NBU 7.7.3 to RHEL 8.1.2

I'm trying to use nbreplicate to copy a customer's backup images from MSDP on a Windows 7.7.3 Master to MSDP on a new RHEL 8.1.2 Master as part of a backup refresh; however it is failing with "NB image database contains no image fragments for requested backup id/copy (165)" on the command line and "no images were successfully processed (191)" in Job Details. Backup Images are definitely there and if I use the same SLP in a backup policy, replication works fine so I assume firewalls, trust between Masters, host certificates etc. are OK.

Can't see anything that looks helpful in either the source or target admin, bpdm, import or export logs; does anyone have any ideas or know if nbreplicate should work in this scenario?

Thanks, Andrew

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  • This "NB image database contains no image fragments for requested backup id/copy (165)" sounds like catalog inconsistency. Open a support case so they can check the database. There aer multiple tables frags,copies, images that interdepend and might have got out of whack somehow.

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      nbreplicate is not a generic tool to allow replication of images to a new domain. It is really there to support reverse replication of an AIR'd image back to the original domain. 

      If the images you are trying this with were not part of an AIR process to start with, then the information in the backup image header wont be there to allow you to perform the replication. 

      My best suggestion to get those old images would be to duplicate them locally to a basic disk STU, transfer these to the new master and then import those images on the new master. Alternately just leave the old master running until the images expire.

      Good luck



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        Riaan, thanks for this; this is a newly built lab having hit nbreplicate issues on the customer's site so I'm pretty sure the two catalogs are OK.

        David, it has always been a bit unclear to me what exactly what nbreplicate supports but I have used it successfully for two migrations, though now I think about it one of these resulted in redoing replication to a new incarnation of the original AIR target so I guess that's why that worked. Also nbreplicate does work in my lab on backup images originally created by AIR SLPs so I guess that's that.

        There are a lot of MSDP images to migrate so it would need a lot of BasicDisk storage and the old server needs to go so this isn't ideal.

        The original MSDP server is also the Master but I wonder if I can recreate it as a 7.7.3 Media Server in the new domain under its old name, recreate the original Storage Server and try to recover the original MSDP Storage, then import and the duplicate the required images. I suspect the deduplication password is unknown but I'm hoping it can be reset with tpconfig. Does anyone know if this could work?

        Thanks, Andrew