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9 years ago

NBU 7.7 with local and remote clients


I am just looking for a bit of advice to make sure I am doing things the right way. I am looking to install NBU 7.7 in a data centre, and use Catalyst stores on HP B6200 as the backup target; this already works well on NBU 7.6 so I don't have any issue with that.

I will have some clients in the same data cente, so these will be fast backup over the LAN, these contain alot of PST files

I have a whole bunch of remote servers, that are connected over slow WAN links, and amongst other data they have a lot of PSTs too, some of them are duplicates of the ones held on the servers in the data centre.

I want to make sure that the remote clients use client side cache, so they do some deduping at source and therefore send less data over the WAN (accepting the fact that the first backups will send more).

I also want the clients in the data centre to use client side cache, again for de-duping.

I want to have server side dedupe on the Media servers too, I am hoping that this will also help the remote clients send less data in that this will "seed" the backup - here I am thinking about the duplicate PSTs 

Is this sensible, or will the client side de-dupe negate the Media Server de-dupe ? If this is possible, how do I enable the client side and media server cache ?







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  • Only NetBackup Appliances and MSDP media servers support client side dedupe. All 3rd-party OST appliances support media server dedupe only. You may want to check the latest HCL to see if your Appliance supports Accelerator. If so, this is the option you need to enable in policies. Accelerator will help as from 2nd backup as it only checks locally for changed blocks. It does not check with remote media server in the same way as client side dedupe.
  • Agree with Marianne  - you need to use MSDP pool for client side deduplication. Media server deduplication does not seed dedupe fingerprint - it just the media server doing the dedupeing instead of the the client.

    For seeding a MSDP pool - take a look at this tech note:

    NetBackup deduplication client WAN backup: how to seed the fingerprint cache to speed up the initial backup

    The less than optimal solution is using Accelerator with B6200. You can actual run accelerator without deduplication. Accelerator will secure you only backup changes files (incremental for ever scheme) - but since PST files are big and are due for backup by the sligtest touch, its really not ideal solution because Accelerator does not compression or deduplication.


  • Thankyou both for your responses. My main goal is to send as little as possible ove the WAN. So if I use MSDP will the client still try to send too much data over the WAN to the Media server which then performs the dedupe ?

    I will have a look at the deduplication technote and see if it is going to help me or not.



  • Client side or media server dedupe is selectable for MSDP. You should select client side deduplication.This is quite diffrent from using catalyst where dedupe is always processed on the media server

    First backup will need to transfer almost as much data as a real backup - but the next backup will use accelerator and client side deduplication to reduce WAN load.

    If you are unable to run one full backup becuase of WAN bandwith - then use a more granualr approch


    Day 1 : c: drive

    Day 2 : d: drive

    Day 3:  e: drive

    Day 4: c: drive on client two