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13 years ago

NBU 7 restore on different library

We have NBU7.1.0.2 a recent upgrade from 6.5.4 a few weeks ago.

I need to restore using tapes that where originally backed up on a library A connected to master and now need to restore to library B connected to a media server, the backup was performed using NDMP.

We used to run the bpmedia -movedb command as per this tech doc but I just get the error "requested media id is not assigned to this host in the EMM database", I checked in the java console and the "Media owner" column states the NAS name so i've tried this in various formats as the shortname, fqdn, matching exactly what it says etc with no luck.

I then ran the command nbemmcmd -listmedia -mediaid <tape name> and the field "Media server" no longer exists as per previous tech docs I've seen, then from the java gui you can right click and choose "change media owner" which I did but it does it very quickly unlike the command which used to take a while, also when you look at the "media owner" column it lists the change.

I started the restore but it still requests the tape in the master library A not library B where I'm physically located.

How do I fix this?

  • OK - it looks like the tapes are not owned by any server but by a Group - NO_SHARING_GROUP?

    Have you added the other NDMP filer that can see the library and the tape into this group?

    You may then need to set an alternate restore failover host in the Master Servers host proerties as well  - source ndmp and restore ndmp names - but check the Group first

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