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8 years ago

NBU MSEO 7.6 error


NBU MSEO 7.6 was successfully running on the production site for 2 years now. We installed NBU MSEO 7.6 in the DR SIte, (OS is RHEL, same as in the production site). Below is the process done:

           Configured MSEO Server and Agent

          Created an MSEO policy

          Copied Key group from production site

          Imported keys from production site

          Verified keys

          Run inventory of tape

          Tried restoring from tape, cannot restore

          Checked the MSEO logs, error is “the server failed to accept SSL connection…”

          Checked Mozilla

          Error code: SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER


Anyone encountered the error above?







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  • Sounds like the certificates for SSL comms between the mseo agent and server are having an issue.

    Try the following:

    1. On MSEO Security Server make copy of /opt/vormetric/mseo/server/pem directory .
    2. On MSEO Agent, make copy of /opt/vormetric/mseo/agent/pem directory .
    3. On MSEO Agent run command to remove credentials:
    /opt/vormetric/mseo/agent/bin/sbadmin remove credentials
    4. Check certificates were removed:
    On MSEO agent, /opt/vormetric/mseo/agent/pem should be empty - If not remove it manually.
    On MSEO Security Server, verify MSEO agent certificates (certificates with hostname or ip address of agent) are removed. If not remove it manually.
    5. Check MSEO agent is registered with MSEO Security Server:
    /opt/vormetric/mseo/server/bin/cgadmin show host
    If it's not, you must add it either via MSEO gui or command line:
    /opt/vormetric/mseo/server/bin/cgadmin add host <mseo agent hostname or ip address> policy <mseo policy>
    6. On MSEO Agent, run command: