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16 years ago

NBU_VSP_Cache still active althought it was not activated



I have already remove the client from the Host Properties > Client Attributes. But it seemed that the backup still uses VSP.


Wondering is this normal ?



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  • I managed to resolve this.


    I put back the client and this time I specified VSS.

    NBU_VSP_Cache is not created any more. Phew. 

  • Puffy,


    By default, Netbackup(5.0 or later) uses WIndows open files backup enabled with snapshot provider VSP.


    For disabling this feature you should follow the below mentioned steps:


    Host properties->Master server Properties->client attributes->add a particular client(that u want to disable VSP)->Windows Open file Backup-> Uncheck check box " Enable Windows open file Backup for this Client"


    For your reference from Admin Guide I 


    Click Add to add NetBackup clients (5.0 or later) only if you want to change the Windows Open File Backup defaults. By default, no clients are listed and the server uses the following Windows Open File Backup defaults for all Windows NetBackup clients (5.0 or later):

    Windows Open File Backup is enabled on the client.

    The snapshot provider for the client is VSP.

    Snapshots are taken of individual drives (Individual drive snapshot) as opposed to all drives at once (Global drive snapshot).

    Upon error, the snapshot is aborted (Abort backup on error).

    To delete a client from the list, select the client, then click Delete.

    To make changes to the default settings, add the client name to the client list.

    Select the client name in the client list, then make changes to the client’s

    Windows Open File Backup configuration settings. 

  • Puffy,

    Don't be modest. Mark your post as solved and your post as the best solution :-)