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11 years ago

NDMP snapsure option

Hi All,

We have been observing error 13 in our NDMP backups(EMC celerra) , output from bperror command


09/07/2013 01:10:16 mumfscjh001  db_FLISTsend failed: file
                    read failed (13)
09/07/2013 01:10:16 mumfscjh001  NDMP backup failed, path =
09/07/2013 01:10:46 mumfscjh001  NDMP_LOG_ERROR 0 Medium
09/07/2013 01:10:46 mumfscjh001  NDMP_LOG_ERROR 0 Backup is
09/07/2013 01:10:47 muss001 mumfscjh001  backup of client mumfscjh001 exited
                    with status 13 (file read failed)


I am thinking to implement snapsure option to resolve this issue , we already have scheduled snapshot enabled in celerra filer, my question is will snapsure option create a seperate snapshot or it will utilize existing snapshots?


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  • Hi

    It will create brand new one. Once your job will kick off logon to control station and run such command:

    server_df server_2

    and you will see the additional checkpoint being available in its outcome - related to backup ;)