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3 years ago

Need to copy the policy from NetBackup 8.1.2 master to NetBackup master

we have two master servers with different NBU versions 8.1.2 with RHEL 7 and NBU RHWL 7.9. We are going to decommission 8.1.2 master server.

As we aware of that all policy configuration files saved under NetBackup/db/class/*. I want to copy polices under class folder from NetBackup master 8.1.2 which is hosted RHEL 7 to another NetBackup/db/class/ of NetBackup Mater server hosted on RHEL 7.9.  

what is best way to copy the polices files from one master server(8.1.2) to another master ( overwriting and should not affect existing polices.


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  • Hello,

    policy attributes are slightly changing accross NBU versions, so you will have to run 9.1 bpplconvert after the copying.

    I also recommend to deactivate source 8.1.2 policies first.

    You will likely have to fix storage unit/volume pools/etc names after the copy+convert.

    Duplicites/not overwriting the existing policies - you must deal with this carefullyon your own, there is not tool for this, since you are just copying the files.


  • Or you can upgrade 8.1.2 to 9.1 and then copy the policies.
    If you can not upgrade, install netbackup 8.1.2 to a VM, copy the policies to the VM installation and  upgrade to 9.1