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14 years ago

Netbackup : Backup skipped *.edb file (Exchange database)

Hello all,

I'm using Netbackup 7.0.1 backing up Exchange 2010. I already have Exchange license to backup the Exchange database. Exchange backup is running fine.I also have a seperate MS-WINDOWS type backup to backup the whole server but the backup skipped the *.edb file and completed with status 0 with no exceptions. When I perform a restoration, the edb file is not there.

How to backup the Exchange edb file? Do I have to stop the Information Store service to back it up and can I backed it up once just to act as a container for my Exchange database?. If a disaster happen, in order for me to recover the exchange server, I have to restore everything back and then restore the Exchange Database but in this case, the edb file is not backed up, I can't up my Information Store service to do the Exchange restoration.

As far as I know, Backup Exec do skip the edb files if you have an Exchange Agent and have to edit the registry setting in order to back it up but how about Netbackup?

Need any help and advice on this.

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  • You cannot backup open *edb files with a Filesystem backup. Your Exchange policy is taking care of Exchange backups.

    In disaster scenario you need to install Exchange, then restore data from Exchange agent backups.

    Disaster Recovery is discussed in Exchange Server Administrator's Guide
    See chapter 6 for links to Microsoft KB articles.


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    Have a look at this doc for a list of links to Screencast Demo Videos :

  • You would not want to get that from a plan backup, thats like trying to backup a live database.

    The exchage backup of the 2010 dag gets the edb.

    Go to the BAR and look at the dag and you will see it backed up the "database" and the logs.

    The edb and other nessary files are included in that.

    Here is a restore I did for one of my databases in the dag, where I chose to restore the database and the logs.