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Netbackup / SharePoint 2013 - GRT

I have an environment with NBU W2K8R2 Master server, 2 x 5220 Appliances and a SharePoint 2013SP1 Farm all running on W2K12R2.  The SQL backend server is running W2K12R2 with SQL2014.

The NBU clients on the Farm are at 7612, and as far as I am concerned all pre-reqs have been completed (NFS on the Farm servers, not on Media Servers as they are 5220 appliances and therefore already have NFS configured).

I can see the SharePoint resources from the Web FE servers and the APP servers (from within the NBU BAR client).  The SQL server is SQL2014.

I have seen some conficting articles about support for GRT with SP2103 and SQL2014, but I believe that with the 7612 client this should be good ?

The appliances (media servers) are at 2611 - do they need to be at 2612 also or just the clients ?  Is there a similar sc config command which needs to be run on the appliances ?

Do I need NFS on the Master Server - not there at the moment?  I have it on ALL Farm servers including the SQL.  Also, I have no portmapper service on the NBU clients so cannot isue the sc config portmap= auto command.

I have set this up previously (without appliances) with no issues, although not with either SP2013 or SQL2014.

Any ideas ?



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  • Hey AJ,


    Have you tried running the same policy without GRT enabled?


    I think thats always the first step on the road to getting GRT working and will at least show you at what point it has issues.

  • Just trying that now.  The Resources:\* backup is working OK - which is NOT GRT.  The one failing is Resources:\Allwebs which IS GRT

    I am concerned that the Media Servers (appliances) may need to be 2612, and not just the clients being 7612 ?  Any thoughts.....

    Also, re: Master Server -- do I need NFS there ?


  • Hello,


    can you describe in a more detail how exactly the GRT job is failing?

    You need NFS on Media Servers, not on a Master.

    Clients (which started Sharepoint 2013/SQL2014 support) are generally supported with Master/Media servers. Tehre can be exceptions, but it depends on the error if it is the case


  • One other question - does the account we are using for SharePoint need to have the site collection rights (I read this somewhere).  We dont have this, but the NON GRT backup is working OK so we have rights.  Is this a specific right required for GRT ?


  • Thanks for that - been through all of this (both in this install and previous installs) and pre-reqs are I believe complete.  OK - I believed we were using the FARM admin which has all the required rights but it appears not - changing that as we speak.

    The NON GRT backups all work OK.

    The GRT backup starts, 1 x backup job and 1 x snapshot job, then just seems to hang.  When I look at the SQL server (fi_util and temp directories) I see the snapshots there, but it goes no further.


    NFS installed and configured on all clients in farm (not on media servers as they are 5220 appliances)

    Client services changed to use FARM admin account (just correcting this now to include an account who has site collection rights - that WAS missing)

    Client properties in Admin Console changed to have FARM admin as SharePoint account.

    NBU client is at 7612 on all farm servers and SQL backend

    NBU Master and Media are at 7611

    We can see all Sharepoint resources from BAR client in both Web FE servers and all 3 Admin servers


    Update you shortly after changing services and client propertiess to reflect a FARM admin account with Site Collection rights


  • Get sharepoint configuration troubleshooter (SPCT) and (SPPROBE) sharepoint probe from support run on each node of your farm and you will easily get a starting point to troubleshoot.

  • Above utilities did not show any errors.

    Regarding the question about portmapper, this gets installed as part of the NFS server component.  In W2K8 and previous we used to have to install NFS Server and Client, then disable the server piece etc.  Now we can install ONLY NFS Client in W2K12 so this is what I did - however it does not give you the portmapper service.  I installed the NFS Server, disabled it as per previous and was able to run the sc config portmap command OK.

    All appears to be funtioning well now, although the snapshot job takes approx 2hrs to complete (270GB databases)