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14 years ago

Netbackup 6.5.5 issues

Ok were to start.


We just installed a new IBM LTO5 TS3301 tape Libaray.  194 slots, 8 drives.

We also have a old Overland NEO 4000 with 4 Drives.

One Master/Media server running windows 2003 SP2

running netbackup 6.5.5


First problem is why can't 6.5.5 see a LTO5?  Why does it have to be LTO3, and will this affect the amount of data that is being stored on the tape?  Ran backups last night and it seemed we used more LTO5 tapes than we use to with LTO3...  Planning on upgrading to 7.0 will this fix this issue?  and when we do will I have to delete everything in Netback "Tapes, robot, Drives" so it will see these tapes and drives are LTO5 "HCART5"

Also today out of no were my new volume group desided to flake out and drop every tape in the new system, once I rebooted and re inventored everything was fine again.


Now the bigger problem.  Having a issue with the new drive reading LTO3 tapes.  The Libaray sees the old tapes, and puts them in the slots but when I inventory from Netbackup it dosn't see the tapes.  So my though was ok we will bring up the NEO and just use that for now.  Problem is Netbackup sees the drives, but not the robot so it thinks they are stand alone drives.  Tried rebooting, etc, etc  "also we moved to a different fiber switch that is newer"


Do the new tapes, and the old need to be in the same Volume pool to be able to work on the new Machine? 

I am hoping these are simple fixs.  Would a upgrade to 7.0 take care of these issues, or should I just sort these out and then upgrade?


Any help would be great thank you.

  • I'm making a few presumptions here maybe, but this is how I read your volume groups:

    --- this is "standalone" i.e. the tapes aren't in any robot.

    000_00000_TLD is your old Neo library (TLD0)

    000_00001_TLD is your new robot (TLD1)

    From the Admin Guide:

    "...The volume group shows the location of the volume. The location can be either the robot in which the volume resides, stand-alone, or off-site if you use the NetBackup Vault option.
    If you move a volume physically to a different robot, you must change the group of the volume to reflect the move.

    To change the volume group
    1 In the NetBackup Administration Console, select Media and Device Management > Media.
    2 In the Volumes list, select the volumes that you want to change the volume group assignment for.
    3 Select Actions > Change Volume Group.
    4 In the New volume group name field, enter the name of the new volume group or select a name from the list of volume groups.
    5 Click OK. The name change is reflected in the volume list entry for the selected volumes. If you specified a new volume group (which creates a new volume group), the group appears under Volume Groups in the tree pane...."

    This statement from the above "If you move a volume physically to a different robot, you must change the group of the volume to reflect the move." means if you manually took the tapes out of one volume group & put it in another (robot or standalone) & not logically i.e. through Inventory. Physical moves without logical changes will mean that NB will get confused as to the location of the media.

    I'll leave this post for now & see if I can help with any of your other issues!

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