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9 years ago

Netbackup to 7.7.1 - client backups are slow

Hello again,

I've had a lot of success on the forums recently with questions, so here goes again!

We upgraded our Master server and two Media servers from to 7.7.1 successfully.
All of our VMware backups work a treat. However, a number of our Netbackup client backups run really really slowly. Like 5 to 10 KBps, instead of 20,000!

There are a few clients which do not have this issue. Unfortunately, all of our Exchange servers are among the problem clients.
I was unable to find any pattern in the version of the client, the virtual NIC on the clients (these are VMs), the virtual hardware version or version of VMtools we are running between servers that are OK, and servers that are not.
All of our backups use Basic Disk.

Despite reviewing many log files, Vertias support have thus-far been unable to find a resolution for us, so I'm hoping someone on here has seen something similar.


As a test, I built a quick Master-Media and upgraded that to 7.7.1 following the same process and the problems do not occur here.

Short of migrating the catalog, media servers and image disks from our old Master to the new Master, I was wondering if there was anything else I could try.



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  • The slow clients are machines you are backing up with traditional local installed client, right?

    Some of the slow clients are just backing up files, right?

    Have you tried bpbkar to null of some files?

  • Right.

    Right, though some are backing up Exchange databases.

    Can you expand on using bpbkar to null some files? I don't understand what you mean. Also, I can back up the same clients with no configuration changes, other than to re-point the Master server it's connected to, on another master server with no issues at all.

  • See these TNs:

    How to benchmark the performance of the bpbkar32 process on a Windows client

    Measuring disk performance with bpbkar



    If backup to another NBU server is fine, you need to troubleshoot the network path between the client and NBU master.
    Involve network admins to monitor network comms.
    Look for 'Limit Bandwidth' setting on the master where you see slow performance.