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8 years ago

Netbackup hardware refresh

Hi Guys,

We currently have Netbackup (master&media server) v7.5.0.7 on an EOL physical server running Windows Server 2003 (32-bit) with a Quantum Scalar i500 tape library.

The loooooong awaited hardware refresh has finally occured and we now have 2 physical servers to replace the old one with the plan to split the master and media servers roles onto them. The new servers are near identical with 1 having additional internal storage for a staging disk storage unit intended as the new media server replacement.

Trying to figure out the best possible upgrade path with desired state to have both the new servers with Server 2012 R2 and Netbackup v8.0

Am aware of the additional hop to Windows Server 2008 R2 that will support v7.5.0.7 for catalog restore.

We have a few upgrade scenarios as below...

  • Install Server 2008 R2 on first server replacement, install Netbackup v7.5.0.7, perform catalog restore, upgrade Netbackup to v8.0 and move to second server running Windows Server 2012.
  • Install Server 2008 R2 on first server replacement, install Netbackup media server v7.5.0.7, move media server off the old master along with tape library. Then install Server 2008 R2 on second server replacement, perform catalog restore. Then upgrade Netbackup version, and finally inplace OS upgrade.
  • Use interim vm with Server 2008 R2 to perform catalog restore, upgrade netbackup to v8.0 and then move to new physical server replacement running Server 2012 R2. (Not sure about EMM consistency for the netbackup upgrade on the virtual machine, without the tape library connected)

Any tips on the above or ideas on the best way forward will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.





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  • Since you haven't split out the Master/Media Server functions (yet) and you have two servers you can work with, I'd suggest option #1 is the least dangerious path.  If anything goes wrong at any point you can fall back to the previous server simply by powering the new one off and the old one on.

    Once you are on 2012/8.x, then you can rebuild the other box as a Media Server and start splitting out functions.


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      Oh and if you haven't yet downloaded all the needed versions, I'd suggest you start downloading.

      I don't know if it's changed but the old rule of thumb was that once a version went out of support the download files disappeared also.