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12 years ago

NetBackup 7.5.x very slow restore from dedup

Hello all . I try to restore VM (Policy type Vmware) from deduplication pool to another storage . On that storage raid 10, transport type -san . Speed of restore  11-15 MB per second . Totally time for restore about 5-6 hour . Size of VM 400 Gb - Please prompt , what can I do , for reduce restoring time .        

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  • Assuming that the deduplication storage is not your bottleneck (if you are not sure, you should test the disk speed as well as other types of restores [non-vmware, etc]), are you restoring the vm via vcenter ?  

    If so, you may want to designate an ESX restore host.  There are many articles out there indicating less than stellar SAN restore performance if you are routing the restore through vCenter.