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11 years ago

Netbackup 7.6 First Availability program announced for October

This snuck by me a few weeks ago, and it may have snuck by you as well, so I'm posting a pointer here.  (If this has already been posted on the apologies, and here it is again!)

Information on the NetBackup 7.6 First Availability (FA) program, currently scheduled to begin next month, can be found by accessing this post on the Netting Out NetBackup blog:

From that posting:

What are the key new features NetBackup 7.6?

  • NetBackup Accelerator support for virtual machines including applications
  • VMware Instant Recovery
  • Oracle Policy Framework
  • 3X faster backup and restore with MSDP
  • SLP windows and targeted AIR
  • Replication Director VMware, Application, and Block Array Support
  • Extensive support for Windows 2012

I have absolutely NO information about NetBackup 7.6 beyond what's in the letter, but ask away.  ;-)

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