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11 years ago

Netbackup 7.6 Vmawre accelerator and plugin implementation

We recently upgdared to netbackup 7.6. However we have not enalbed vmware accelerator or VMware plugin. I am keen to get this in place as we are a 90% virtual business . Has anyone tried this and can...
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    11 years ago

    I have not played with the plugin yet....but I started using vmware accelerator about 3 weeks ago.

    Keep in-mind that accelerator for vmware will only give you FULL backups. I did not realize this and my diffs that I duplicate to tape were fulls.


    I now have a seperate policy that does the accelerated vm backups just to my MSDP. The accelerated vm backups are very quick since they use CBT from vmware.

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    11 years ago

    Have played with the plugin under the 7.6 Betas, it is a little gnarly to set up, but gives you some more options in the VI Client interface, think you will like it when being 90% virtual business

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    11 years ago
    Hi, ed300900 Starting from 7.6, NetBackup supports accelerator backup for VMware, It's great feature to speed up your backup, you'll see great improvement in backup, no accelerator for restore. Here is a article regarding VMware accelerator, hope helps. just simply enable "Use Accelerator" in policy when you use VMware accelerator backup. thanks walker