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5 years ago

Netbackup 7.7.3 Client Windows unattend.xml password clear text


I've received from security admins the request to remove password from "Unattend.xml" file (C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\BareMetal\server\data\unattend.xml) on windows client, because they are in clear text. For me it's first time that i hear this. Are there others files configuration with same situation?
I looked on admin guide and security guide, but nothin founded.

Please someone may help me?

Thanks & Regards

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  • Security issues need to be logged with Veritas Support.

    Please upgrade to NBU 8.2 as 7.7.x is already EOL.
  • Hello,

    this is also the first time I encountered this problem. After a quick review, I have the following comments:

    - I guess the origin vendor of this file will be rather Microsoft than Veritas. It would be a part of Windows Image PreInstall framework

    - IMHO this password is harmless, it is probably used during BMR recoveries only, so it is not a password for any live system access

    But better ask/verify with Veritas support, it is a very specific question.



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      Thanks Marianne and MIchal, i will ask at Veritas Support.

      Best Regards,

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        The file unattend.xml file was formerly used by the Legacy SRT type of restore. Support for legacy restore was removed from NetBackup 7.6.1.

        The file is scheduled to be deleted as part of a later release of NetBackup. This file is safe to be removed and will have no effect on the system.