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7 years ago

Netbackup 8.0 Restore on to new Media server

I need to restore a tape that was written by media server 1, Library 1but I need to do a restore onto Media Server 2, libarary 2. When i do a restore it always pick up media Server 1, Library 1

i found a post which suggestion to try following

Add servers to Media host override list in the General Server host properties.

Which I have done but then it ask to restart a service NetBackup Request Manager service (bprd) .

My question is, if i do restart the BPRD service will that kill any running backups?


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  • Is the tape duplicated or was it moved to library 2? If its duplicated, you can turn the second copy into the primary copy and it will use the 2nd media server.

    You don't need to restart the services.

    run bprdreq -rereadconfig from command line and it will pickup the change.

  • Yes, restart of BPRD service will kill any running backups.
    BPRD restart will also restart all the services that depends on bprd.

    You can try without the restart.
    From cmd (in admincmd) run this command to refresh the config:
    bprdreq -rereadconfig

    Alternatively, transfer ownership of the tape to server2:

    bpmedia -movedb -m <mediaid> -newserver media2 -oldserver media1

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      I have cancel my restore then run bprdreq -rereadconfig then try to do a resotre again but it still going to Media 1 server

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      When I use following cmd "bpmedia -movedb -m <mediaid> -newserver media2 -oldserver media1" i get following error "requested media id is not assigned to this host in the EMM database"

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        Hopefully you have replaced <media-id> with the actual media-id that you are trying to restore from?

        And media1 with the actual media-server-1-hostname ?

        And media2 with actual Media-Server-2-hostname ?

        If you did, please show this output for the media-id (remember that everything is case-sensitive):

        bpmedialist -m <media-id>