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5 years ago

Netbackup 8.0 Windows 32-bit client

Unfortunately my organizations needs to support Netbackup 8 on windows 2008 until later in the year.  I'm having difficulty finding the binaries, can anyone point me to the right link. I'm only seeing x64 in the downloads section. Veritas documention does say that v8 is the latest 32-but support.

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  • both x64 and x86 are in the same Windows zip when you download the binaries from

  • In Veritas Downloads, although the file "" is described as "NetBackup 8.0 Windows Server package", if you download it, and unzip it, then within the extracted/expanded folder structures you will find a sub-folder named "...\PC_Clnt\x86\..." which contains the discreet 32-bit client.  You can just cut/copy this sub-folderf out, rename that folder to whatever you want, and then delete the rest, and you will be left with the NetBackup Client v8.0 x86 32bit.