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4 years ago

NetBackup 8.1.2 hostname with underscore

Current Setup : 1 Master Server 8.1.2 and 1 Media Server 8.1.2 with MSDP

We upgraded the Master Server to 8.2 successfully but when we try to launch the nbu java console error (Status: 130) so we did not upgrade the media server and try to fix first the issue.

Veritas Support advise that the root cause of this is because we have underscore(_) on our hostname, and need to contact the Veritas Consultant Team.

  • We don't have the latest backup catalog
  • The Master Server can't connect to Media Server (certificate issue) i think it is also because of hostname
  • All the backup jobs failed
  • We don't have budget to avail the Veritas Consultant Team

1. Is there any workaround to recover all the data and images on the MSDP?

2. Can we uninstall the Master Server and Media then remove the underscore(_) on the hostname of both server then install again the master\media and after that import the msdp data and files. It is possible?

Hope we can find a solution in here,

Thank you





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  • Hi Hypeka 

    The sensible course of action is to roll back your upgrade on the master server. This may involve reinstalling NetBackup 8.1.2 and then performing a catalog recovery (or doing a recovery install). 

    Your comment that you don't have the latest catalog backup is concerning - do you have one immediately before you started the upgrade (and where is it)? If so use that. If not how old is the catalog backup you do have from before the upgrade? You may have to wear a loss of some backups to enable you to get back to a functioning system.

    As for the master server name change, support are correct as is the article you referenced, it need to be done by Veritas consulting. 

    Option 2 is a possibility, but needs careful planning - review the Recover MSDP section in the NetBackup Deduplication Guide on how to recover from an MSDP storage server failure (aka media server fails). If you have spare hardware, I would suggest you do this on new hardware so that you can keep the existing (broken) system intact for as long as possible (one challenge I imagine may be finding sufficient storage to allow you to copy the current MSDP pool.

    Remember that if you do reinstall the master server, your master will have a new CA certificate, so you will also need to get each client to obtain the new CA certificate and get a new host certificate.