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3 years ago

Netbackup AIR Configuration Issue

Netbackup AIR Configuration Issue I have a question for you.
Media and Device Management > Credentials > Storage Servers
but it is not configured as it appears as the image below. I can't find out where the problem is.

Error in fetching replication configuration settings:
invalid command parameter(20)

RDMS has encountered an STS error:

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  • Have you established the trust between master servers?

    /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/nbseccmd -setuptrustedmaster -add -remotemasterserver

    And also check if TCP 1556 is bidirectionally open.


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      Currently, both nbumaster and nbudr server firewall are off and Centos 7.9 is being configured. TCP 1556 is connected to the master server. Upload the image below.

      I still haven't been able to solve this problem.