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9 years ago

NetBackup Appliance SMTP configuration

Hello All,

We are using NetBackup Appliance 5230 OS:RHEL 6.x and netbackup version We have configured SMTP alerts on appliance level for hardware and software . We have few custom scripts which we run in maintainence mode. We would like to automate it to send via mail.

Is there any option to configure SMTP in OSLevel usings apps like sendmail or sSMTP??    

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  • Hi,


    appliance version 2.6 is using SuSE SLES. You sould configure SMTP using CLISH. (Setting -> Alerts -> email )

    I found out that the /etc/postfix/ is not correctly after CLISH configuration. The entry fo myhostname was empty.

    Prior to change anything on OS Level keep in mind this is a applinca use the appliance tools if possible. If you change some file make a backup.




  • Hi

    I am using crontab on CLISH to send me some emails on daily basis and I did not have to change any smtp configuration to have this done. So once NBU app was configured against ours SMPT servers the mailx or mail command is working just fine....