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Netbackup CIF backup for a file share on an iSeries/as400 box

Windows Server 2008r2 Master and Media servers. Running



Hello all, I have a pretty tough one here, possibly.


I have read that NetBackup does not have an as400 agent, nor does NDMP.

I am trying to back up data from a share on an iSeries/as400 server. There's no system data, savsys or anything like I'm trying to back up. Its just a folder out on the box full of tif's, pdf's, and other scanned info. I created a policy for the job, and set the client as one of my media servers, and set the backup selection to point at the folder location on that iSeries box....\\intlxxxi\images, for example. The job will run and back up data, but the full backups will sometimes fail out with status 1, because there is a system scan that runs against the folder every night. If the scan starts up while the backup is still running, the job will end with a 'partially successful.' I cant have that happening with these files, and the system scan cant be stopped. My only real option is to try to get more data to run in a shorter time.

I'm facing two issues. I know that backing up data this way can be very slow, but I'm getting something like 440KB/s up to 1MB/s. That just seems rediculous. I believe that number is also taking into account when the job goes active, vs when it actually starts writing data, which is the other issue. The job will sit in a "begin writing" state form the time it kicks off at 5:00am, and might start writing at 7:50pm or so. I'm guessing its scanning or queuing data or something.

Given these issue, any ideas where I might start getting some better performance? Ive been beating the Googles trying to find something, but no luck.


Thank you!




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  • Can you just SCP or copy them, better yet TAR the directory and pipe it to another share.  Then backup that share in which has an agent installed for best performance?


  • Teiva,


    Thanks for the input, but I think you traveled right over my head with that one. ;-) 


    What do you mean by SCP? What would TAR do in this instance? I'm more familiar with TAR for restores, but not sure how Id set that up to pipe it over to another share.

  • Another popular solution to dealing with large CIFS UNC path shares is to use NetBackup Accelerator.
    I've had some problems getting this to work properly in previous versions, but since, it appears to be working fine.

    You will need to have deduplication for Accelerator to work.

    The policy config is exactly the same as the one you have now (media server as client, and \\intlxxxi\images for backup selection), but with the storage as a dedup disk pool and the Accelerator check box enabled.
    The first full backup would still be slow, but subsequent full/incremental backups should see a speed boost.


  • RLeon,


    Would that not require me to be using a Symantec storage appliance? I am running DataDomain. The option to use Accelerator is greyed.

  • Accelerator will only work with DDOS 5.3, which isn't for I'm told another few months.  Oh and you'll have to also update your OST plug-in to 2.6 I bet.

    This will also allow AIR too I heard.


    That said, Is it possible to create a cron job or task that will zip/TAR those files, then save that resultant file to a remote directory that NBU can pick up?