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8 years ago

netbackup dedicated link between media server and client backup

I am currently trying to backup a client with a dedicated link btw the media server and the client.

The master server communicates to the media server and client on public IP

The media server and client dedicated IP hostname media-blk and client-blk added to host files of all server and DNS

The media server dedicated IP hostname media-blk added to bp.conf on master, media and client

Client hostname changed to from client to dedicated IP hostname client-blk

In testing communication, connection btw media server and client connects using dedicated IP hostname client-blk

Testing communicationbtw master and client using client-blk fails with error 25.

Kindly advice as i will like to use the dedicated link between media  server and client for backup


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  • Hi

    I would try below on client end and media end such things in hosts file:

    client - > make entry for media server (via well know name to master) but pointing to IP from this dedicated link

    media -> make entry for client (via well know name to master) but point to IP from this dedicated link

    On master leave it as it is... So one you will ping client by name from media - the IP should be from dedicated link, same if pinging media from client, but when pinging media and client from master this should be public IP

  • test everything first from the OS level. make sure they ping each other using whatever ip address you are using.

    then move to using NBU tools (which i forgot the name) to do the ping at NBU level. also make sure the master/media settings for the ip address are all there.

  • Oga

    You don't need to use backup names, just make sure that the client and the media only know to communicate with each other via one IP address.


    Master Hosts file




    Media Hosts file




    Client Hosts file




    This ensure that when Master talks to media or client it uses 192.x, and vice versa, but if client talks to media or vice versa, they use 10.x