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14 years ago

NetBackup Deduplication pool hardware migration

Hi guys

I really need of your help to decide what to do next...

We have the following environment set up

    NetBackup 7.1 on Solaris 10 over a SPARC M3000 server (Master and  Media server)
    Sun ZFS Storage 7120 ( Media Server Deduplication Pool storage)
    The communication between the server and the storage  is over 10GbE
    The luns were mapped to the server using iSCSI
    The File system path for the deduplication pool is ZFS
    Sun SL500 tape library

Almost 2 weeks ago a hard drive of the storage 7120, failed. Until today the resyncronization is not done yet! As a result we have to reconfigure the disk array because obviously a misconfiguration is causing a slow resyncronization.

How do you migrated the storage without loss data. We have a temporary disk array that we can used to "backup" the data stored in the  the deduplication pool, it is this possible? What can I do to not  loss  data??

Another issue is .... As you know  NetBackup does not support iSCSI or NFS targets for Media Server Deduplication Pool storage. The question is in the NetBackup roadmap include iSCSI support?


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  • Hi,


    I suppose you could use ufsdump, tar, or even mirroring to achieve this. As long as everything is in the same path when you start the MSDP up again.

  • Thanks Riaan,

    In fact, we're planning to use tar to migrate the FS, because is not prepared to mirroring.


    I'll let you know how is it going :)


  • By the way, is it confirmed by symantec. NetBackup do not support iSCSI storage for msdp.