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7 years ago

Netbackup determine with what shedule backup was triggered

Hi guys,

I would like to ask, if there is some way how to determine under which schedule backup job was triggered? We have multistreams enabled for FS/VM etc. and there is no evidence, when backup fails on 4239 for example there is only dash as schedule. Is there any way how to do it via PS or CMD? Thanks.

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  • This should only apply to the parent job. The child jobs should all display the schedule name. 
    Similar to this screenshot (borrowed from Internet): 

    Can you show us a screenshot of your Activity Monitor?

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      Yea i know, we have this logic already applied, but now I am searching for the solution if there are not child jobs and there is schedule with dash.

      For example we have backup failing:




      and there are no child jobs, so we are not able to find schedule name from the childjobs. (this is custom PS script) is there any way, how to determine it? It should be good if there is any solution how to find what schedule had to run exact day. As support team have a lot of old tickets and database is cleanedup after 7days or something...

      Thanks a lot!

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        My guess is that the process flow with VMware policies is probably a bit different - that the clients are first of all validated.

        So, if the client name is invalid (Unable to find the virtual machine), the schedule name becomes irrelevant. 

        Well, that is my view. You may want to check with Veritas Support.