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18 years ago

Netbackup DR


We have netbackup 6 at main site. We want to create a DR site by installing Netbackup server at remote site and restore catalog from main site.

But main site we have 4 tape drives and we have only 2 tape drives at remote site.
And the drives are different types at each site. Is it possible to restore the catalog and restore the client backups.

Can we implement this? will it work? pls. advice.

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  • Not is a simple manner. The database will list the tapes as whatever type that the drives are at the main site. If the drives were of the same type then I would say yes, just delete you devices then readd them. I recommend buying a new library for the remote site that matches the main site. Keep it a bit more simple and you DR plan will be a bit more robust IMHO.

    I can be made to work but seems a bit contrived/complex for DR.Message was edited by:
    Dennis Strom