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4 years ago

NetBackup Enterprise Client License for VMWare vSphere Hypervisor?

Hi all,

Does the NetBackup Enterprise Client license for a VMWare vSphere Hypervisor provide backup and restore capability for all types of VMs?

Thanks for any help.



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  • Hi karentv11 

    The Enterprise client license allows you to back up any virtual machine running under the hypervisor. This can be done either using the VMWare policy type (backing up the entire VM) and also using a NetBackup agent inside the virtual machine. 

    For VMware backups the OS used by the virtual machine will determine what additional capability the backup can provide (for example if the virtual machine is running Windows 2016, then you can perform granular - aka file based - restore). With a VMWare type backup you will always be able to recover the entire VM.

    Hope this helps