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14 years ago

Netbackup hardware/ OS upgrade

Hello all,

I'm in the process of upgrading the hardware and operating system for our Netbackup server. I followed the instructions on TECH77447 article but ran into a small problem while trying to restore the catalog. We copied the netbackup disaster recovery folder from the old server to the new one then ran the catalog restore from the GUI. It starts up fine , but then ends with a status code of 5. we're going from windows server2003 32bit to windows server 2008 enterprise 64bit. We made sure that the application was installed in the same drive as the original (E:) and also place the netbackup disaster recovery folder on the same drive as the original server. We did manage to see that the backup policies were restored, but, that was about all. did miss a step somewhere?



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  • In addition to Riaan's question - please see if a log file was created under ...\netbackup\logs\user_ops\<user-name>\logs
    Please post this log.

    Status 5 is a generic restore failure - we need logs to see why.

    Please also create 'admin' folder under logs for further troubleshooting.

  • All, ' the powers that be' had us uninstall netbackup and start clean. it looks like we are having better luck today as the catalog restore job is running. thank you for your suggestion. by the way, how long should a catalog restore take? does it depend largely on the number policies and clients?

  • How long did the backup take on the old system?

    The longest time for catalog backup and restore is taken up by the images database (...\netbackup\db\images).

    Good luck!

  • Hello all.

    The backup ran for about 20 minutes, but we figured out the problem with the restore. What we ended up doing was closing the netbackup console then right clicked it and selected 'run as administrator' . Then we re-started the catalog restore. The restore worked, we were able to see all the policies, volume groups pools etc.just have one more issue, cant see any reports, tape summary, all log entries,media logs etc. It looks like if you run as administrator you cant see the reports, but if you start up the admin console normally you can see the reports. Go figure...

     thanks for your patience and help.

  • My experience on W2008 is exactly the opposite - If I DON'T right-click on the Admin Console and 'Run as Administrator',  I cannot run any reports - weird and wonderful error messages...