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8 years ago

NetBackup MSDP Issue

I am trying to set up an MSDP pool for NDMP accelerator.

I have created a 2Tb NetApp share, and exported via NFS to 2 Media Servers.

I have tried using a local account that exists, I have tried creating a new local account, and even tried the root account (again local), but no matter what I choose - whether local user, or even an AD account, it says when performing tasks - Login Credentials verification failed for server - one or more invalid arguments (2060001).

Firstly, does MSDP work on NFS ? Or is it CIFS only ?.

Secondly - where should the credentials used for authentication be kept, and are there any restrictions around names, or password length, and complexity ?.

Is a 2Tb export/share allowed ?. What size should it be. We have approximately 60Tb of NDMP data we backed up on a FULL backup.

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  • Direct attached, SAN or CIFS only. 

    PLEASE read carefully through requirements in NetBackup Deduplication Guide 

     I do not recommend having NDMP as backup source and MSDP destination.

    Speak to your local reseller to assist with sizing of MSDP pool - 2 TB is most definitely not enough to backup 60TB NDMP data.... 

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      Thanks Marianne.

      The 2Tb was just a test to get the thing up and running to see if it worked. Once it worked, then I was going to roll out 25Tb.

      What would be the best destination ? as I am trying to get NDMP Accelerated backups to work, and was told that MSDP was the only option. 

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        PLEASE always mention NBU version as supported options change across versions...