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7 years ago

Netbackup POC Information

It's my 1st time to conduct a POC and I know there will be many challenges that I will encounter.Is there a document guide or any links that are available upon conducting a POC for NBU appliance?.Like Do's and Don'ts before starting the POC, commonly encountered problems during POC. I only know some basic stuffs like the configuration (joining in the network), performing sample backups, Disaster Recovery and restores. so need guidline for how to take information from Customer and will make plan for that . We are reseller of Veritas, but the team give me task to accomplish

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    7 years ago

    Look, it's not a partner support forum, I am sure your local SE would be glad to assist you, reach out to them

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  • irfanink

    There is no POC documentation that is publicly available.

    If you are a reseller, you will have access to PartnerNet for documentation and you will know who your local Veritas SE is. 
    Your SE really WANTS you to succeed and will do his/her utmost to assist you.

    If you do not have extensive NBU experience and certification, please do not attempt this on your own.