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11 years ago

NetBackup Policies Window hangs and takes a long time to respond

NetBackup Master Server version on AIX 6.1.


It takes 3-5 minutes to Display the 2000 + policies in NetBackup. Then to Open an individual policy it takes 4-5 mins . Even if it opens the volume pool field is greyed out and the drop down will have only NetBackup Volume pool.

I am using the NetBackup Java Console on my Laptop and issue observed from multiple locations and desktops.

I have another 4 sites though 1/4th the size have no issues.

Previously we faced the issue on however expected the upgrade and services refresh to resolve the issue but invain.


Java logs shows that it scans all the storage unit and takes time on going though Storage Unit groups < 99 . However the main issue even after waiting for so long the volume pool drop down shows only NetBackup.

Issue is seen in Windows Remote Admin Console as well.

It is waste of man hours for the team. Logged a case with Symantec still need to get any solution on this.







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  • Hi,


    From my experience you'll face this in large environments. What you can do to ensure the fastest response is to make sure you don't have any "dead" (decommisioned) components in your environment (media servers, clients, etc). NetBackup is always trying to communicate with them.


    Another thing could be reverse lookup. I have notice (in windows domains) that if you have reverse lookup entries in DNS that it responds quicker.


    Just my observations.


  • Have you tried opening the same from any Master/Media server ? are you facing delay in response there also ?


  • Hello,

    I would like to follow up with the tech who owns that case. If you can please PM me the case number.

    Riaan is right, most of the issues with console slowness is DNS related or improperly decommissioned servers.

    Also, as ontherocks mentioned, do you have a way to launch the java console directly on the master server? If not, are you using the Java console installed on your laptop or exporting the session from the master server?

  • One more point ::

    I hope NB  Java Console version is similar to the NB version on Master server. Please confirm.